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There are so many problems today, but eating local shouldn't be one of them.Did you know an apple, thanks to advances in science can stay in stasis for over a year before it arrives on a grocery store shelf? Those are the same apples in the fresh produce sections of your favorite stores.Those apples are marvels of science and global supply chains, but not when it comes to freshness and flavor.From neighbors with a single pepper plant to full-scale farms, there are people near you growing food that you don't get to see in grocery stores or in your local farmer's market.That means that access to fresh food is limited to what stores carry or what few vendors at the seasonal farmer's markets can carry. Let's face it, we should be able to get fresh food easier than that! is trying to fix that by making it super easy to allow everyone to conveniently shop local produce.

What's a Reko? is built on the concept of "Reko rings." This is a concept that was developed and popularized in Finland."Reko" is short-hand for something that roughly translates to, "Fair consumption"The concept is simple and powerful. Connect people who want fresh produce from local farmers to those farmers by creating a designated time and place each week where they can meet.To make it even better, leading up to that pickup day, the farmers list what they have and the shoppers claim those items. When pickup time comes, the farmers have everyone's orders ready and the customers pay for their portion and take their package.Simple, easy, and highly effective.Not perfect though. Reko rings, as they're called require hand's on administrators to arrange times, locations, and reset orders every single week. They also have to find participants. It's an amazing concept that needs a thriving community of people to succeed. As one friend who has a prolific garden said that while it sounds great they don't want to deal with setting up what they have every single week on some Facebook, is an attempt to bring this concept to everyone by automating the reko concept through a simple-to-use mobile application. No administrators, no clumsy in-person payments (Unless that's what you want), and an easy way to participate in as many pickup locations as you'd like.

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You might be wondering, where are the screenshots, how do I sign up, or how much does this cost?You've found us as we're in the earliest days of our start-up where most of those answers are still under development. That doesn't mean we don't have plans, but everything is so new, and early it's probably better to call those plans guesses.Which is where you can make all the difference in's future.By signing up, you will be a part of a community of people who get to come along with us as we build We'll email you updates, ask if you want to be interviewed, and give you the earliest access to the mobile application to help us figure out what to build next. In the end, you'll be the first, most knowledgeable users we'll ever have.Not everyone is going to be excited about participating in the development of a product. That's okay too! Signing up is a great way to indicate to us that you're interested; believe me, that makes a huge difference.Let me explain. One of the ways we are building this company is through experimentation. We come up with our ideas, but instead of just building it and hoping it works, we create an experiment to test whether our idea is good. If it is, we build it. If it isn't, we incorporate what we learned and start a new experiment.So guess what? This page here is one of those experiments! In fact, it's the first one.You see, we believe people are interested in an idea like, and the experiment is to prove it. So if enough people sign up showing their interest, we take that as an indication we should continue building, and we move on to the next thing! If not, we'll try to figure out where the mistake was and try again.So while singing up for interviews, half-built apps, and whatnot may not be your idea of fun, but signing up tells us you're interested, and that is the most important thing to us today!