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Fresh local produce, ready for pickup.

reko day's main screen on the mobile app showing local fruits and vegetables for sale and their scheduled pickup locations.

The easiest way to shop local makes buying locally easier than ever. You can browse produce that was grown locally, order it for convenient pickup and even pay through the app!It's time to eat food that came from the earth and not the airport.

A screenshot of a map of nearby rekos or pickup locations.
A screenshot of the shopping cart in the reko day mobile app showing the items, quantity, prices, and the options to pay now in the app or pay in cash on pickup.

Pay now, pickup later

Facebook Marketplace, farmer's markets, Craigslist, and other similar tools make it easy to browse but not easy to pay and pick up. That's what makes different.When you find something you want, you can securely pay through the app, and go to the scheduled pickup!

A screenshot of the user's profile showing their name, membership expiration date, and a convenient toggle between shopping and selling modes.

Privacy and safety focused shopping

Most marketplaces turn into you meeting a stranger with cash. We can do better than that. creates public pickup locations where everyone gathers—no more meeting at a stranger's home.We also take your privacy seriously by not collecting or sharing your personal information.

Good for the community, good for the planet

Did you know that the produce you buy in a grocery store can be kept in stasis for over a year before it shows up on the shelf? As much as that is a miracle of science, it doesn't scream, "Fresh." connects you to local farmers and growers who are selling their food when it's the freshest. This means that every time you buy through you are supporting your community and the environment.

The reko day splash screen featuring the logo in the sky over green hills backlit by the sun.

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