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The easiest way to shop fresh and local. is the easiest way to buy local produce! You can enjoy the ease of shopping in a mobile app, and get the freshest produce available. You can browse produce that was grown locally, pay right through the app, and schedule your pickup all with a simple mobile app!With you can buy fresh produce all year long!

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Pay now, pickup later

Other marketplaces either suffer from poor selection, inconvenient payment, and absurd solves all of these problems. Browse everything for sale in your area, securely pay for what you want through the app, and collect your order at the pre-scheduled pickup!Want to order a bunch of things? No problem. You can pick up everything you order at one time!

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Privacy and safety focused shopping

Most marketplaces turn into you meeting a stranger with cash. We can do better than that. creates public pickup locations where everyone gathers—no more meeting at a stranger's home.We also take your privacy seriously by not collecting or sharing your personal information.

Good for the community, good for the planet

Did you know that the produce you buy in a grocery store can be kept in stasis for over a year before it shows up on the shelf? As much as that is a miracle of science, it doesn't scream "Fresh." connects you to local farmers and growers who are selling their food when it's the freshest. This means that every time you buy through you are supporting your community and the environment.

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Download Now! is available on your mobile device. Download it for free and see what's available in your area!A low-cost subscription is required to make purchases. You can cancel at any time.

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You can eat fresh and local quicker than a trip to the store

Your food should come from the ground, not a shipping container.When was the last time you had a tomato at the peak of freshness, roasted vegetables grown within 20 miles, or made a meal with ingredients grown by someone you know?Eating healthy is a dream when fresh, flavorful ingredients are a luxury. Farmers markets are fun to browse when you have a Saturday morning to spend, but not if you depend on it for your meals. Online marketplaces make every pepper you buy a hassle of back-and-forth negotiation before someone has to meet a stranger to pick it up.Sure, grocery stores carry produce, but it was picked, packed, and preserved for shipping—not flavor. Grocery stores can keep apples in stasis for a year before you eat them. While this is a truly remarkable feat of science, it doesn't do much for is a mobile app that is the easiest way to buy local produce when it's the freshest.Let's face it, you don't have time to make a bunch of extra trips or negotiate with every farmer over every pepper.With the mobile app, you can shop everything locally, all organized by pickup times that are convenient for you, and pay through the app. Enjoy all the convenience you're used to with online shopping, pay farmers directly, and get the freshest local produce.Pay farmers directly? Yep, makes money from subscriptions, not farmers. The money you pay for your order goes directly to the farmer (aside from transaction fees from our secure payment provider).Getting your produce is easier than a run to the store, too. organizes everything by pickup times and locations called rekos. You can browse everything for sale by looking at the rekos that fit your schedule. Want carrots? Just find a reko that works with your schedule and order the carrots from it.You pick up your order when all the farmers and shoppers meet together for that reko.You could pick up a week's worth of the freshest produce you've eaten within just a few minutes.You don't have to worry about going to some risky meetup like other marketplaces because every pickup is public, with all the farmers and all the shoppers meeting together. Everyone is in one spot, exchanging orders together.Now, you might wonder, what if I get the wrong order, or it's rotten, or the farmer doesn't show, or I'm running late? Life happens—we get it. lets you reschedule pickups, request refunds, and report issues with your orders.You can give a try completely free. No, not like a free trial period we hope you forget to cancel. We mean free. You don't even have to create an account. When you want to purchase some produce, we offer one of the cheapest subscriptions you'll ever see, and that lets you buy as much of the freshest produce you want anywhere in the country.

Meet reko, a funny word that will change the way you shop

Nothing can be as frustrating as having to arrange your day so you can make it to the bank or post office before it closes. They provide essential services to us, but we have to work around their schedule. Imagine if grocery stores had hours like banks!Well, when it comes to buying fresh local produce it's worse.Today, if you want to buy local produce, you have to either shop at seasonal farmers' markets with no guarantees of available produce or try to figure out how to buy from each individual farmer. It almost makes working around the post office's hours seem easy.That's what is trying to solve with the concept of rekos. Without getting too boring, the idea comes from Finland's Reko Ring. Reko Rings are a way to solve the problems of farmer's markets and access to local food by setting up meetup times all year round.It caught on big there, and it is still growing.In, we organize everything by pickup times and locations that we call rekos. You shop by picking your time and location just like you would for a flight, then look at what's for sale for that pickup.Organizing what's for sale by what's most convenient to your schedule is what convenience is all about.Want tomatoes for the best BLT of your life? Look at the rekos that fit your schedule, and buy the best-looking ones. It's that simple.Why pickup and not delivery or shipping? Honestly, those methods are expensive. You want to buy a basket of tomatoes for $4, but after the additional delivery fees and tip, you're paying 4x the price. Shipping fresh produce is also a nightmare, and nobody wants to open a stinking box of fruit that was fresh a week ago.There's also another reason uses pickups. When you pick up your order, you'll meet the person growing it. You'll also have the chance to meet other folks who like to buy fresh local produce, too. It might not be much, but it's the beginning of a vibrant community of people supporting one another.You might be thinking about how uncomfortable or risky it is to go to a meeting like this, but rekos are different. Other marketplaces have you meeting strangers one-on-one to do a deal. Rekos are public meetings with lots of farmers and lots of shoppers meeting together. Rekos create safety in numbers.Want to know how what to do on the day of your reko? Think of it like you would any other appointment. Every order in has a unique confirmation code that you can use to match your order to your pickup. Just walk over to the farmer you placed your order with, show them your code, and collect your order. If you pay them on pickup, have your cash ready. If you pay through the app, the farmer already has the money in their account.Rekos might be a strange idea to get used to, but they exist to work around your schedule and make pickups safe by having everyone meet together.

Shop with safety and privacy

Other local marketplaces offer a shop-at-your-own-risk attitude and you feel it.